Unique Wish Cards For Him and Her

It is beautiful to express love! <3 I think the best way to do it, is to gift something handmade to your loved one. Today I am presenting 5 unique ways to make wish cards for him or her. Give it on a birthday or on valentines day, it will definitely delight your special one.



  • Beneath My Heart:  This is a very pretty card. I have used a red construction paper and embossed hearts on it. Check out the video at the bottom to see embossing procedure. Next, I cut 2 heart shapes from a light blue vellum paper. This is a semi-transparent paper. Stitch 2 hearts but keep an opening on the top. Make little notes for your loved one and insert them into this little heart pouch.


  • Make a Wish: This one is my favorite! I have used a light tulle fabric to stitch a pocket on the card. Then took a few small sized decorative stones and wrote little happy words on them using a marker. Insert these stones in tulle pocket. Decorate with ribbon and embellishments.


  • Three secrets: This one is super simple yet cute! All you need to do is make little envelopes, write a message and secure them using golden ribbon thread. Attach these envelops on your card.


  • Hearts and Strings: This one is pretty. I have made a rectangular frame using a thick cardboard paper. Cut little hearts using pink card stock paper. Attached them on a thin pink thread. Attached these strings of heart on cardboard frame. At the bottom I have glued clear glass accent marbels.


  • Pillow Talk: Last one is fun! Use red felt paper to make a little pillow. Use embellishments to decorate.


Checkout the videos of complete procedure:

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