My daughter loves coloring, but not in usual paper and crayon way. The walls of our house and her body parts are her canvas! While I read a newspaper, she sneaks up from the back and starts coloring all the ‘O’s and ‘D’s in the text. BTW, This is also a great way to keep a preschooler busy. Just ask her to identify and circle or color a certain alphabet from the text in the newspaper or a magazine.
I wanted to find an equally unusual way to keep her busy and encourage her creativity.  And I found one! I collected some empty tissue rolls. Sketched few interesting shapes on them and asked my little one to fill in the colors.  And she loved it! It kept her busy for quite some time until I read my news in peace! 😀


To start this project, all you need is – few empty tissue rolls and bright colored sketchpens.

Here is a simple picture tutorial of this project:

Draw some simple shapes on tissue rolls which she can easily fill with colors. You can choose her favorite shapes like balloons, ice-creams, cupcakes, flowers etc.

Let her enjoy coloring the rolls!

Don’t forget to put her Artwork to good use! Use it as a flower pot or as a pen holder. She would love it! 🙂

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