Purse For Little Girls

I wanted to make something out of left over yarn from my Yarn Monogram Wall Decor project. The yarn was in baby pink, hot pink and purple color. These colors were beautiful for some girl’s accessories. So I decided to make a purse. Few days back I had made a hand bag using bath tissue […]

Monogram Wall Decor

One of my dear friends is blessed with a cute baby girl and we all are very delighted! I wanted to gift her something handmade and useful. I decided to make a kids room decor for her. A monogram of baby’s name was perfect! She put it on the wall above the crib and it […]

Make A Mini Hand Loom And Weave A Tapestry

Isn’t it great to create a mini handloom using a shoebox, combs and just few things lying around in the house and use it to weave a pretty tapestry like the one below: You will need following things for this project: Shoe box 3 identical combs (I have used the ones for thick hair, they […]