Bath Tissue Roll Mobile Stand

Another cool craft idea! Today I have a quick and useful craft project. Also it costs almost nothing! 🙂 A mobile stand made using an empty toilet paper roll and push pins. Sounds interesting? Found this idea here and  implemented it right away! I have a habit of losing my phone all the time inside house and sometimes it […]

A Pretty Hat Hairclip For Little Girls

Today’s project is a creative fun hair accessory for your little girl. Make a fashion statement for her that is just too cute! This gorgeous little hair-clip is made using just a cap of an empty water bottle! Interesting, right? Here is a list of required material: A cap of an empty water bottle Spray […]

Embroidered sieve kitchen decor

Today I am decorating a corner of my kitchen. What could be the best material to decorate a kitchen than an old utensil. I had this little old sieve that I was  gonna throw away , then something caught my attention. It has this circular wire mesh held in a frame  which is perfect for an […]

Transform Kitchen Dish Cloth To A Fun Placemat

Hello! This is a fun craft activity! 🙂 Just grab your old kitchen napkins and transform them into pretty placemats or wall decors using a duct tape and spray paint. By altering colors and duct tape arrangements, come up with your own unique design!     Please checkout the video of complete process:   Here […]

Baby Food Bottle craft

Hello craft lovers! Here, I have used empty baby food bottles to make this pretty decoration. It makes my kitchen look really beautiful. It needs few used little glass bottles, artificial flowers, stones, a stick and a thread to hold everything together. Hope it nudges your creative side! 🙂 Please ‘Like’ us on Facebook to […]