Meditative doodling: 4

Hello! I am back with another doodle 🙂 In a beautiful crescent shape this time. This doodle design is inspired by this great artist:   Here is a quick video of doodle in progress: Thank you for visiting! Hope you enjoyed! Pin it:  

Meditative Doodling: 3

This is my 3rd doodle in the series. I got amazing response to my previous doodles. But the best compliment I received was a message from a mother. She shared with me a picture of her little girl’s notebooks which she decorated with the designs from my doodles. and she loved how it turned out! […]

Meditative Doodling: 1

I wanted to introduce meditation as a more regular part of my life. I recently came across ‘meditative doodling art’ and absolutely loved it. As a child I learned the art of doodling in India (Henna Art and Rangoli- sand Art). I’ve always been fascinated by those beautiful designs. A large Rangoli doodle with bright […]