Such a fun craft! Bring your spoons and forks to life! I made a man using plastic spoons and forks to hold a pen ready for me 🙂 It can make a great fun party decor or home decor.

I found a stand made using metal spoons here and decided to replicate it using simple plastic spoons and forks. This man can hold light-weight objects like pen or paper napkin and add a fun creative look to your living room.



  • 2 plastic spoons
  • 3 plastic forks
  • Candle
  • Red adhesive felt paper


  • First make arms of spoons man. Take 2 plastic forks. You need to bend this fork at two places to make a arm. At elbow and wrist.
  • Hold the fork above the candle fame for few seconds approximately at the center. After few seconds it will become soft and you can easily bend it. Make sure you don’t hold the fork too close to candle flame, otherwise it will burn the fork. Also, hold it just long enough to soften the plastic, we do not want to melt the plastic.
  • Similarly bend the fork at the base of spoon head. This will form a wrist.
  • Next use another fork as a head and body of man. We need to attach 2 arms to the body.
  • Another easy way to attach forks is to use hot glue gun.
  • For that, again hold end of the arm fork over the candle flame (little longer this time) to slightly melt the plastic. Stick the melted part to body fork, press and let it dry. Attach both the arms.
  • Another easy way to stick forks together is to use hot glue gun.
  • Similarly, use 2 spoons to form the legs. Bend it at 2 places to form knees and feet. Attach the legs to body by slightly melting the plastic over the candle flame.
  • Joins might not look pretty. So, cut a T-shirt shape from adhesive felt paper and attach it over the body of spoon man.
  • Add googly eyes on face. Spoon man is ready!



Thanks for visiting! 🙂