Spider Web Wall Decor

Today I am making spider web wall decor. This beautiful spider web created using silver plated wire and beautiful blue beads will look perfect in a top corner of your walls. This will make a great Halloween decor! Place it in front of a night light and place a an artificial big black spider at the center 🙂



I have added four web layers but you can add more layers to make a bigger web depending on the size of your room. You can also change the color and type of beads to make it more attractive.


  • 24-gauge Silver plated wire
  • Beads
  • Thread



  • You can watch complete video of the procedure at the bottom of this post.
  • Take a 24-guage silver plated wire about 1 feet long
  • Bend wire to make a small loop at one end
  • Insert beads of your choice in wire from other end, secure other end of wire with a loop
  • Make 5 marks on wire each 1.5 inches away to divide wire into 6 equal parts
  • Bend the wire at the marks to form a hexagon. Close the hexagon by connecting open ends of wire together. This forms the smallest hexagon at the center.
  • Make sure equal number of beads come in each edge of hexagon in specific pattern.
  • Place this wire hexagon on a sheet of paper and mark the vertices. Draw 6 lines passing through these vertices crossing at the center.
  • Draw 3 more points along each line 1.5 inches away. This gives us vertices for 3 more hexagons larger than our current hexagon.
  • Use these vertices as reference points to bend the wire to form 3 more hexagons.
  • Cut 6 long pieces of wire. Interweave these wires with four hexagons along the vertices
  • Connect each wire with hexagon using a thread at each vertex.
  • Spider web is ready. Place it on top corner of  wall using nails or pins.



Please checkout the video of complete procedure here:



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