This time I wanted to make something simple, pretty and romantic! I made a wall decor using romantic couple silhouettes which reflects love and happiness. I got tons of compliments! The gorgeous silhouettes are sure to grab viewers attention. I have made two more silhouette crafts which turned out really pretty: Mother baby night light and Ganesha paper lantern.

This craft is really easy to make and it will give a very modern look to your living room. I have made a box like structure using white card board paper. So this is very easy to hang on your wall. On front side, it is divided into four squares forming a window like structure. Each square displays one silhouette.  I have used wine colored card stock paper with shimmer in the background which gives it a very classy look. A plain black card stock paper goes very well in alternate squares.





  • White card board paper
  • Wine colored card stock paper with shimmer
  • Black card stock paper
  • Glue, scissors, crafting knife, stapler


  • Decide a theme of your silhouette wall decor. If you are good at drawing try to draw the silhouettes on a paper first. If drawing is not your thing, try to find silhouette clip arts online which are available for free download. Make sure you do not violate the licence  agreement.
  • For this particular craft, I have downloaded ‘comp’ images from:
  • Adjust the size of downloaded image depending on the size of your craft. Invert the colors in Microsoft Paint so that you can have a white silhouette after printing,
  • Carefully cut the printed silhouette along the outline using crafting knife.


  • Cut a large square from white card board paper to make the frame. Leave 2 inches on each side to form a box like structure.
  • Divide the white card board paper square into 4 equal parts. Cut four small squares of equal size to form a window like structure.
  • Cut 2 squares from wine colored card stock paper and 2 squares from black card stock paper. Glue these card stock paper squares on white cardboard frame from back side as seen in the picture.
  • Glue silhouette paper cuttings on each card stock paper square.
  • Fold the 2 inches strips on each side of white cardboard frame. Use stapler to form a box like structure. This will make it easy to hang the frame on wall.


Thank you for visiting! 🙂