I grew up in India. There are countless childhood memories but the best ones are when I tried to be creative and how much it delighted my heart. As a child I was really fascinated by several beautiful Art forms in India. Rangoli is one of such art forms from India in which patterns are created on the floor using colored sand. The bright colors and curvy intricate designs in Rangoli look extremely attractive. I learned this art while I was in school. In India we put the Rangoli in the front yard on the occasion of festivals and religious ceremonies. Decorate it with candles and flowers.

This time I decided to give a modern look to this traditional art of Rangoli. I have used a Snowflake as a Rangoli design which not a usual Rangoli design. Also I have created a stencil to automate some of the process. Having a template makes it easier for everyone to draw the Rangoli as it does not require special drawing skills. To make a stencil I have used Kirigami method.



  • Rangoli Colors (Colored Sand)
  • White Rangoli color
  • Tissue paper
  • Cardboard paper
  • Sieve
  • Pencil, Ruler, Scissors, Glue


Checkout video of complete process:

  • You can watch complete video of the procedure at the bottom of this post.
  • I have used Kirigami method to make a snowflake. In kirigami, the paper is folded to form a base. It is cut in particular pattern. Fold is opened and flattened to make finished Kirigami. Checkout my video at the bottom of this post to see the process.
  • To make snowflake, follow steps on this blog: http://www.omiyageblogs.ca/2014/12/the-kirigami-project-week-48-crystal.html
  • Once the snowflake is ready, glue the tissue paper on cardboard paper to make a stencil. This stencil can be used multiple times.
  • In your front yard, draw a circle slightly larger than the snowflake stencil.
  • To draw a circle, draw a center point of circle. Cut a thread slightly longer than the radius of the circle to be drawn. Hold one end of thread and press it on the center point of circle. Hold another end of thread straight in other hand, parallel to the floor. Also hold a chalk or white rangoli in this hand and go around the central point drawing a circle.
  • Take white colored Rangoli in sieve and fill the circle. It is necessary to use sieve so that rangoli will be spread uniformly within the circle.
  • Next keep the stencil gently at the center of the circle.
  • Take blue rangoli color in sieve and spread it over the stencil only on outer side.
  • Similarly add red and pink color over remaining part of design.
  • Slowly pick up the stencil and be ready to be awestruck by the beautiful rangoli snowflake 🙂
  • Be creative with colors and patterns and come up with beautiful Rangoli designs.



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