Beautiful white lotus flower created using plastic spoons! <3
I thoroughly enjoyed the crafting and photography in this project 🙂 Hope it nudges your creative side! This lotus can make a great holiday decor. For more beautiful look, you can put these white lotus flowers in water and surround it by red/pink rose petals and little candles.



  • Around 25 white plastic spoons
  • Candle
  • Scissors



    • First we need to separate all the spoon heads. For this, hold the spoon over candle flame near spoon head base for few seconds to soften the plastic, then use scissors to cut the spoon head. This forms one petal. Make multiple such petals.
    • To form the core of flower, use yellow card stock paper. Cut it into a stripe. Make several small cuts along one edge of stripe to form fringes. Roll the stripe with fringes on top side to form center of the flower.

  • Next we need to connect these petals. Hold the bottom end of spoon head over candle flame little longer to slightly melt it. Attach it to another spoon head near base. Press the melted part over another spoon head to stick it.
  • Another easy way to stick spoon heads is to use hot glue gun.
  • Keep adding more petals to form lotus flower like structure.


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