I love making cards! I think it is a great way to make someone feel special. Recently I added a post about Five Unique wish cards for Him and Her and everyone loved it. I also have made ‘Thank you’ cards for kid’s birthday parties in two different themes Butterfly Thank You Notes and Car Themed Thank You Notes.

Today I am making a cute Paper House Card. This card can be used to congratulate a friend who has just moved into a new house or it can be an invitation card for a house warming party. What makes this card attractive is detailing on the card. It must be done with patience and precision. The doors of paper house open to display the message.



  • A blue card stock paper
  • White and pink card stock paper for door and windows
  • Multi heart scrapbook paper to form curtains
  • Split pin paper fastener for door knobs
  • Red, yellow, green card stock paper for flowers and plants detailing
  • Glue, Crafting knife, Scissors, Marker
  • Brown paper for roof

Checkout complete video of the procedure here:



  • Draw a basic house shape on blue card stock paper and cut it.
  • Draw doors on white card stock paper. Add detailing on door using markers and cut them carefully. We need these doors to open to display the message. So, leave an extra strip of paper on outer edge of both the doors.
  • Cut two slits on blue paper house where you want to attach the doors. Insert the extra strip on outer edge of doors into the slits so that they interlock. Glue the strips of paper on outer edge of doors on back side of blue paper house. Please check out the video below for better understanding.


  • Cut 2 squares (2″x 2″) of designer scarpbook paper to form curtains. Glue them on paper house.

  • To form window valance use pink card stock paper. Fold it a few times to give it a folded fabric appearance (paper fan folds). At the bottom cut it shown in the picture and pierce holes to decorate. Glue it on scrapbook curtains.
  •   Next cut two window frames using a white card stock paper and glue them over the curtains.


  • Cut few strips of paper using white card stock paper to form fence on both sides of the door. Stick verticle strips of fence on both the sides of door
  • Cut leaves and flowers to decorate the fence using crafting knife. Stick the green plants first only at the bottom.
  • Add horizontals strips of white fence over the green leaves. Make sure some part of the green plants goes behind the fence while a few leaves come outside from the fence. This will give more realistic look.
  • Glue flowers in contrast colors on the top.


  • Attach golden split pin paper fasteners as door knobs.


  • Open the doors and write your message on blue cardstock paper behind the doors.


Thank you for visiting! 🙂