Paper Bracelet

I had never thought, some cool jewelry can be made using an ordinary construction paper. I saw this paper bracelet project on Pinterest and loved the idea. You don’t need expensive fancy beads to make this jewelry, you can make your own beads out of ordinary colored paper. The process is quick and simple. It wouldn’t be difficult to make earrings and necklace once you learn the process of making a bracelet. Make a set of jewelry matching your dress and wear it proudly when you head out! 🙂

Even your kids can make one for themselves. I am sure they will have lots of fun.You can add store bought beads in the bracelet along with paper beads to beautify it even more.  I have used flower shaped metallic beads along with my paper beads.



  • Construction papers
  • 24-gauge Silver plated wire
  • Metallic flower beads (optional)
  • Glue, scissors


  • First cut a piece of wire  of desired length. Make sure you add 1 inch extra to make a hook at the end.
  • Cut strips of construction paper in elongated triagular shape, as shown in the picture below


  • Take one strip of paper and start rolling it from wide end to narrow end.


  • Glue the narrow end to roll at thee end. This will form one bead. make sure your wire can pass through the hole at the center of bead. Make multiple such beads


  • Insert paper beads into wire. You can add a metallic bead after every paper bead.
  • At the end bend the wire to form hook like structure on both the ends of wire and your beautiful bracelet is ready!


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