This is probably the most creative bookmark design you will ever see! It is a reading lamp shaped bookmark which appears to be throwing light at the last page you read. Found this design here and loved it. In this project I have tried to replicate this design using card stock paper and paper fasteners. This can make a great gift for a friend who loves reading.



  • Red Card stock paper
  • Metal split pin paper fasteners
  • Yellow Vellum paper



  • First cut different parts of the lamp from red card stock paper. Base of the lamp consist of a thick cardboard paper  cut in small circle shape.
  • Three rectangular strips of card stock paper form the body of lamp.
  • Bottom strip is smallest and it is attached to the base of lamp. To attach it, cut a slit in the center of circular base and insert bottom part of lamp body into it and glue it at the bottom.

  • Then connect middle part and top part of lamp using split pin paper fastener. Fasteners will make hinges on the reading lamp.
  • Then cut lamp head shape from red card stock paper and attach it using one more paper fastener.
  • Use a yellow vellum paper to form the beam of light


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