One of my dear friends is blessed with a cute baby girl and we all are very delighted! I wanted to gift her something handmade and useful. I decided to make a kids room decor for her. A monogram of baby’s name was perfect! She put it on the wall above the crib and it instantly changed the look of baby’s room.

This craft is really easy to make and looks very pretty! You don’t have to spend too much to make this monogram. Give a great gift to a friend while staying in reasonable budget!



This craft is made by wrapping the yarn around foam board letters. I have used baby pink, hot pink and purple colored yarn since it was for a baby girl. You can use different color combinations. I have used decorative felt flowers to decorate the monogram.




  • You can watch complete video of the procedure at the bottom of this post.
  • Begin by drawing alphabets on foam board sheet. Make sure all the alphabets are of equal length and width. Cut them precisely using crafting knife
  • Divide a letter in 3 equal parts length wise.
  • Each part will be covered by different color of yarn.
  • Start wrapping yarn around the letter. Glue the initial end of yarn to the foam board. Keep wrapping until you cover the first part of letter.
  • Once you are done, wrap another layer of yarn on the top of first layer. This step is very important. It will fill up any gaps left in between by first layer and give a great look. A single thin layer might not look very good.
  • Once you are done with one color, glue the end of yarn to the foam board and start with next color.
  • Cover all the three parts of the letter by wrapping double layers of each color.
  • Make decorative felt flowers  using similar colored felt sheets. Attach the flowers on the yarn letter on the top. You can attach multiple flowers on a simple alphabet letter.
  • For the next letter, change the sequence of yarn colors to give it a fun look.


Check out the video of complete procedure:

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