This project was great fun! My first attempt to decorate an Easter egg. My 16 months old was amused to see this little guy 🙂 Minions need no introduction!
If you would like to make one of these, follow the steps below.

I began with a brown egg but ultimately used a white egg. It is easy to dye a white egg perfect minion yellow using natural ingredients. Use a pencil to mark a line at the center of an egg to divide it vertically in two equal parts.

Next, a little minion dress needs to be stitched. I used a piece of old torn jeans for this. Cut a strip of old denim cloth long enough to cover the bottom half of the egg. Stitch it from the back to form a cylindrical skirt.

Add few stitches at the bottom as shown in the picture below:



Make a cut on left and right edges. Overlap and add few stitches to make it look like those are denim shorts. Cut semicircles on the top on left and right sides.

Next, add the shoulder belts. Cut two thin strips of denim cloth and stitch them crossing at the back as shown in the picture.


To dye the egg yellow, first boil the egg. Add 1 tbs of turmeric powder and 1 tbs of white vinegar in boiling water. Soak the boiled white egg into mixture for about half an hour. Then take out the egg and wait for it to dry to get beautiful yellow color. If you have hair dryer, use it to dry the egg within seconds.

Put the dress that we stitched on the egg.

Use a pencil to draw an outline of eyes and mouth. I used 4B pencil to draw the eyeglasses.

Cut two small circles from white paper to form eyes. Used brown color pencil to draw the center of eyes. Glue the eyes on the egg inside the frame of eyeglasses.

Draw a mouth using 4B pencil and minion is ready! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed it! 🙂
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