Isn’t it great to create a mini handloom using a shoebox, combs and just few things lying around in the house and use it to weave a pretty tapestry like the one below:

You will need following things for this project:

  • Shoe box
  • 3 identical combs (I have used the ones for thick hair, they are easy to work with)
  • Thin thread to create the loom
  • Yarn (Colors of your choice)
  • A thin stick
  • Scissors, tape, a fork, few rubberbands, few straws

Here is a link to the video showing complete process:

Here are step by step instructions with lots of pictures:

  • Take a shoe box. Length of the shoe box will decide the maximum length of your tapestry. Attach two identical combs on two opposite sides of the box. Since my box is deep, I have used some books to make a base, to get little height.
  • Next, make 3 steps on top of the base. I have used a soap box to make middle step. And a few matchstick boxes to make top and bottom steps. Take third comb and place it on the middle step. Mark where it intersects with the top of the box using marker as shown in the picture:
  • Take out the comb and wrap rubberbands on the pairs of comb teeth around the mark. Make a hole at the center of each rubberband knot as seen in the pictures below. Leave first and last tooth of comb untied.

  • Third comb will look like below after tying all the rubberbands. Use some clips to place this comb on the middle step or ask a friend to hold temporarily.
  • Take a strip of cardboard and cut a slit on both the ends. Take a long thin thread and wrap it around the cardboard strip lengthwise. Go through the slits on both ends so that thread will not slip off from cardboard strip. This thread is going to be the part of tapestry, so choose the color accordingly.
  • Stick the open end of thread to the shoe box. First insert the thread through the gap between first and second tooth of comb on one end of the box. Then go through the middle comb and further pull cardboard strip out from the gap between first and second tooth of the last comb on other side.
  • After that, loop around and go through second and third teeth. This time go through the hole between rubberband knot on middle comb. Continue to loop around until you cover all the teeth of combs. Every alternate go will be through the rubberband hole on middle comb.
  • The completed hand loom will look like the one in picture. Lift the middle comb and place it on the top step to see two layers of alternate threads separating from each other. Similarly, place the middle comb on bottom step to see two separate layers of threads. Make sure thread can move freely vertically between teeth without rubberband knots.
  • For the weaving part, take a straw, insert yarn from one end of the straw and pull out from the other end. Stick the beginning of the yarn to the straw. Make 2 slits on each end of the straw. Loop the yarn around straw lengthwise going through the slits each time.
  • For the first line of stitches, place the middle comb on the top step. Insert the yarn thread (above straw) through the gap between two separated layers of alternate loom threads. Pull it out from the other end. Leave some yarn thread at the beginning. Push the line of yarn stitches all the way to the bottom. Use fork to push it down. 
  • For the next line of stitches place the middle comb on the bottom step. Loop around and insert yarn through the gap between separated layers of loom threads. Push the second stitch towards other end of box using fork.
  • Continue to stitch by alternately placing middle comb on top and bottom steps. I have changed the yarn color after about 15 lines of stitches each
  • At the end, add fringes at the bottom. For that, take a bundle of 5 to 6 pieces of yarn threads. Wrap the bundle around the first pair of loom threads and bring it up again from the gap between pair of loom threads as shown in the picture. Pull the ends of yarn bundle upwards to make it little tighter. Repeat the process for all the pairs of loom threads.
  • Add few lines of stitches of the same color after fringes. These lines of stitches will support fringes. Push them towards fringes using fork. 
  • Next, we need to take tapestry off the loom. For that, cut a pair of loom threads and tie a tight knot. Cut each pair of loom threads at a time and tie knots. This frees one end of tapestry.
  • To release the top end of tapestry, slowly remove the comb from the box and add a thin stick or a straw through the open loops.
  • Then, flip the tapestry and tie all loose thread ends together on back side.
  • Finally trim the fringes to make them look even.
  • Your beautiful tapestry is ready!
Hope you enjoyed this project! 🙂
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3 thoughts on “Make A Mini Hand Loom And Weave A Tapestry

  1. It's beautiful! Love it!
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    Posted on March 19, 2016 at 3:14 pm
    1. Thank you! 🙂

      Posted on March 19, 2016 at 8:55 pm
    2. Thank you! 🙂

      Posted on March 19, 2016 at 8:55 pm