Hot Glue Waterfall


Today I am featuring a very creative craft project by Artist ‘Sneha Chaurasia’. This beautiful decorative waterfall model is made using Hot Glue. I thought this idea is really smart and I should feature this 🙂

Surprisingly the process to make this is really easy. She has shared step by step instructions to make this craft with us. I would like to thank ‘Sneha Chaurasia’ for being a guest on my blog! 🙂

Please check out the picture tutorial below:













Hope you enjoyed!

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8 thoughts on “Hot Glue Waterfall

  1. This is nice. Have you seen how it weathers? I have made fairy houses using hot glue and it falls apart outside.

    • You are right, hot glue will not hold up outdoor 🙁 May be some stronger glue will work?
      Btw concept of fairy houses and gardens was new to me.. I did a quick search and it’s the cutest thing 🙂

  2. This is beautiful. I have a old water fountain meant for indoors, but it got stained from minerals. It is in a closet somewhere. I could take out the water pump and enjoy the pretty rocks that way. I love it.

  3. Instead of hot glue, look into clear or colored resin for your water look.

  4. Yes, I found glue gun falls apart outside…I started pouring 2 part clear epoxy over it…lasts longer but the water took on a very pale yellow tint…

  5. There is also “Quick Water” for Silks which you can use in fairy gardens for simulated water… its beautiful! I used it to fill a tea cup with a couple mini duckies swimming in it. It is adorable! I’m going to try and see if I get this Quick Water to semi-set maybe I can have it pour down for the waterfall… if not, then I’ll go hot glue.

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