Hot Glue Waterfall


Today I am featuring a very creative craft project by Artist ‘Sneha Chaurasia’. This beautiful decorative waterfall model is made using Hot Glue. I thought this idea is really smart and I should feature this 🙂

Surprisingly the process to make this is really easy. She has shared step by step instructions to make this craft with us. I would like to thank ‘Sneha Chaurasia’ for being a guest on my blog! 🙂

Please check out the picture tutorial below:













Hope you enjoyed!

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26 thoughts on “Hot Glue Waterfall

  1. This is nice. Have you seen how it weathers? I have made fairy houses using hot glue and it falls apart outside.

    • You are right, hot glue will not hold up outdoor 🙁 May be some stronger glue will work?
      Btw concept of fairy houses and gardens was new to me.. I did a quick search and it’s the cutest thing 🙂

        • I made one with clear caulking and it turned out great. I have it in my little garden

  2. This is beautiful. I have a old water fountain meant for indoors, but it got stained from minerals. It is in a closet somewhere. I could take out the water pump and enjoy the pretty rocks that way. I love it.

  3. Instead of hot glue, look into clear or colored resin for your water look.

  4. Yes, I found glue gun falls apart outside…I started pouring 2 part clear epoxy over it…lasts longer but the water took on a very pale yellow tint…

  5. There is also “Quick Water” for Silks which you can use in fairy gardens for simulated water… its beautiful! I used it to fill a tea cup with a couple mini duckies swimming in it. It is adorable! I’m going to try and see if I get this Quick Water to semi-set maybe I can have it pour down for the waterfall… if not, then I’ll go hot glue.

  6. Substitute acrylic clear caulk for hot glue. Works great . Be sure to buy the exterior one. Also can be tinted using food color

  7. Try clear silicone that you would use to caulk bathtubs. Found at Fred’s or hardware stores.

  8. clear caulking for outdoors works for the rocks not sure for the water or falls.

  9. Daelene on, and others, CRYSTAL clear, caulking is the ticket. Clear caulking still has a hue to it. Hot glue that I’ve tried in the past will melt in the summer sun. In the shade, not so sure but the caulking is “IT!”

  10. This is such a good idea! I plan on showing this to my husband and his train club buddies. They are currently working on 2 model train layouts. I think this would be a great idea for them to incorporate in them both.

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