Felt Strawberries

Felt is my new favorite! It is a fabric made using wool and can be used in variety of craft projects. You can cut it into fun shapes and use them as an embellishments in craft projects. Felt is a great material to make flowers, bows, kids crafts, costumes etc.

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Today I am making strawberries using felt. This project is very easy and quick and the outcome is super cute! You can use these strawberries as key-chains or use it to decorate your handbag or backpack.



  • Red felt sheet
  • Green felt sheet
  • White and green thread
  • Cotton for filling



Start by cutting Red felt sheet into a half circle. The diameter of half circle should be 4 inches for more realistic results. But I think bigger strawberries will be fun too for kids to play 🙂   Next, use a white thread and add small stitches all over the half circle. This will make the dots on the skin of strawberry. Fold the sheet into half (to form 1/4 circle) and stitch along the diameter. This will form a cone like structure. Fill the cone with the cotton. Add a running stitch along arc (circular base of the cone) and pull the two ends of thread to close the cone. Next, cut a strawberry leaf like structure and glue it on the top. Or stitch it using a green thread. Felt Strawberry it ready! Watch the video of detailed procedure.

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