I needed flower embellishments for my Yarn Monogram project. I was gonna buy them but then I thought it will be much cheaper to make them at home and also it will be fun! You can use them as decorative embellishments in many other craft projects. Stitch them on little girl dresses to make them prettier.

Snapshot 1 (6-24-2016 5-00 PM)


  • Felt sheet
  • Thread
  • Cardboard paper
  • Crystal rhinestone
  • Scissors


  • You can watch complete video of the procedure at the bottom of this post.
  • Cut a 1″x 1″ square of cardboard paper. Draw a petal shape. Cut and use it as a template


  • Cut 10-12 petal from felt sheet using the paper template


  • Stitch left and right edge of petal together near bottom like this:


  • Make multiple such petals. Cut a circular shape from cardboard paper and stitch the petals on circle along the edge.



  • Cut a small circular shape out of felt sheet to cover the central part. Use a double sided mounting tape to attach this felt circle at the center.


  • Attach a crystal rhinestone at the center to decorate



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