Here is a cute printable perfect for Valentine’s day. Make a romantic card or print it on a magnet paper to make a fridge magnet 🙂 *Personal use only*   Download it here: u&me_printable (Background digital paper is taken from : FPTFY) Pin it: Thank you for visiting!

Floral Wreath Graphics

Hello! Today I have pretty floral wreath graphics for you. This is my first attempt. Your comments and suggestions are welcome. You can use these in card making, party invites, watermarks and much more! Please download PNG files from the link below. Click to download: Floral Wreaths Thank you for visiting!

Meditative doodling: 4

Hello! I am back with another doodle 🙂 In a beautiful crescent shape this time. This doodle design is inspired by this great artist:   Here is a quick video of doodle in progress: Thank you for visiting! Hope you enjoyed! Pin it:  

Meditative Doodling: 3

This is my 3rd doodle in the series. I got amazing response to my previous doodles. But the best compliment I received was a message from a mother. She shared with me a picture of her little girl’s notebooks which she decorated with the designs from my doodles. and she loved how it turned out! […]

Meditative Doodling: 1

I wanted to introduce meditation as a more regular part of my life. I recently came across ‘meditative doodling art’ and absolutely loved it. As a child I learned the art of doodling in India (Henna Art and Rangoli- sand Art). I’ve always been fascinated by those beautiful designs. A large Rangoli doodle with bright […]