Mother Baby Night Light

Mother’s Day is around the corner! When is the last time you made something for your mom? Gift her something handmade this time 🙂 Here is an idea: A beautiful handmade night light – Simple and pretty!   Step by step instructions:   Take a cardstock paper 1 ft long and 1 ft wide. Fold […]

Butterfly Thank You Notes

Hello, These are little thank you notes I made for the guests on my little one’s first birthday. Note opens as the butterfly splits. To add a personal touch, I have added birthday girl’s little hand prints inside each note! The golden thread enclosing the butterfly note adds a great charm! heart emotico Check out […]

Collage Paintings

These paintings are created by putting together little pieces of paper cut from magazines, news papers, colored papers etc. In the first painting snow fall effect is given by spraying white water color on the collage using a toothbrush. In the second painting, sky is painted using paint brush and watercolors, everything else is paper. […]

Decorative Origami Box

This project was a great fun! I completed it while my 6 months old took a nap.. I really enjoyed my ‘me’ time 😀 These origami boxes are extremely easy to make. You can do this project with your kids as well. It is useful and pretty at the same time! All you need is […]

A Bath Tissue Hand Bag

Hello! Recently I came across a beautiful paper yarn craft project. I wanted to make a similar craft but make it a no-cost project. So, I decided to use the bath tissue paper instead. It was an experiment! I figured out a way to make paper yarn out of bath tissue at home. And used […]