Embroidered sieve kitchen decor

Today I am decorating a corner of my kitchen. What could be the best material to decorate a kitchen than an old utensil. I had this little old sieve that I was  gonna throw away , then something caught my attention. It has this circular wire mesh held in a frame  which is perfect for an […]

Mother Baby Night Light

Mother’s Day is around the corner! When is the last time you made something for your mom? Gift her something handmade this time 🙂 Here is an idea: A beautiful handmade night light – Simple and pretty!   Step by step instructions:   Take a cardstock paper 1 ft long and 1 ft wide. Fold […]

Transform Kitchen Dish Cloth To A Fun Placemat

Hello! This is a fun craft activity! 🙂 Just grab your old kitchen napkins and transform them into pretty placemats or wall decors using a duct tape and spray paint. By altering colors and duct tape arrangements, come up with your own unique design!     Please checkout the video of complete process:   Here […]

Collage Paintings

These paintings are created by putting together little pieces of paper cut from magazines, news papers, colored papers etc. In the first painting snow fall effect is given by spraying white water color on the collage using a toothbrush. In the second painting, sky is painted using paint brush and watercolors, everything else is paper. […]

Make A Mini Hand Loom And Weave A Tapestry

Isn’t it great to create a mini handloom using a shoebox, combs and just few things lying around in the house and use it to weave a pretty tapestry like the one below: You will need following things for this project: Shoe box 3 identical combs (I have used the ones for thick hair, they […]

Baby Food Bottle craft

Hello craft lovers! Here, I have used empty baby food bottles to make this pretty decoration. It makes my kitchen look really beautiful. It needs few used little glass bottles, artificial flowers, stones, a stick and a thread to hold everything together. Hope it nudges your creative side! 🙂 Please ‘Like’ us on Facebook to […]