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I have created a printable bullet journal for the month of June 2019

Bullet Journal June 2019

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A bullet journal or monthly planner to plan your month and track your daily chores, habits and health.
Though this set is specific to June 2019 month most of the pages are generic and can be reused every month
You will receive 32 digital files (PDFs) to download (Link to download is given in the file)
1. Cover page
2. Back cover page
3. Index page
4. Month at a glance (2 pages)
5. Habit Tracker (2 pages)
6. Goal planner
7. Things to checkout
8. Weekly planner (8 pages)
9. Meal planner (4 pages)
10. Notes
11. Brain dump (Write your new ideas here)
12. Shopping list
13. Mood tracker
14. Water intake log
15. Sleep log
16. Expense tracker (2 pages)
17. Payments tracker
18. Quotes (2 pages)

Index Page

*Benefits of using a bullet Journal:*
1) Bullet Journaling helps you remember every little thing in your day to day life. This takes stress off your head so that you can focus on more mportatnt things
2) Track your habbits, health, mood and goals. This makes you aware of yourself and gives you an overview of where your life is heading to
3) Motivates you to achieve your goals
4) Plan your days ahead of time. This will help you stay organized. There will never be a last minute chaos
5) Get those long pending tasks done faster
6) You will achieve peace of mind
7) Boosts confidence, creativity and new ideas
Take the steering wheel of your life in your own hands and head where you always wanted to go!
*Start bullet journaling!*

Watch the video for details:

Thank you!

30 Digital Files are available for download on my Etsy Shop

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