Bath Tissue Roll Mobile Stand

Another cool craft idea! Today I have a quick and useful craft project. Also it costs almost nothing! 🙂 A mobile stand made using an empty toilet paper roll and push pins. Sounds interesting? Found this idea here and  implemented it right away!

I have a habit of losing my phone all the time inside house and sometimes it gets really frustrating. If you are like me, you have landed at the right place 🙂 This craft is perfect solution for your problem.

The most fun part of this project is decorating the empty toilet paper roll. You can really get creative here. I have used decorative paper to wrap around the roll. You can use Washi tapes with pretty designs to cover the roll.  You can use fabric or beautiful embellishments to decorate the roll. Possibilities are endless. It can also make a great handmade gift for a friend or a family member. Write a personalized message or decorate with cool stickers that describe the person. It is stylish and will look great in your living room!




  • Empty toilet paper roll
  • Decorative paper
  • Glue, scissors


  • Measure the width and thickness of your phone or gadget
  • Use these measurements to cut a slit on empty toilet paper roll at the center
  • To support the roll, stuck push-pins on four corners of the roll on back side of the slit. Make sure the slit is exactly at the center on the top. Otherwise it might balance the load of phone well.
  • Keep the phone on stand and check if it is stands firmly. Reposition the push-pins if needed.
  • Decorate the toilet paper roll using decorative paper, washi tape or any other material of  your choice.  You can consider decorating the roll before cutting the slit if that is more convenient.



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