Balloon Birds

Today’s project is a fun kid’s craft! Birds made using balloons. Simple and cute! This can make great birthday party decorations. You can make variety of birds and animals using this technique and hang them from the top for decorating your party hall.

You can make animals who has V-shaped body. Most of the birds come under this category. I have tried to make Duck and Peacock. You can similarly make Parrot, Crow, Flamingo and dinosaurs. You can involve your kids in this activity.. They will have blast! 🙂

Material to make Balloon Duck:

  • White balloon
  • White card stock paper
  • Black marker
  • Glue, scissors


  • To make a balloon duck, blow a white balloon. Draw a duck neck shape on a white cardstock paper. At the bottom of duck shape, make small cuts. Fold alternate strips of paper on opposite sides as shown:


  • Apply glue on folded paper stripes and stick the base of neck on balloon on bulged part. Paint the beak of duck yellow and draw outline using black marker. Balloon duck is ready!


  • Use similar method to make a Balloon Peacock:


  • You can make a balloon crow using black balloon, a flamingo using pink balloon and a dinosaur using a green balloon.

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