Rustic Wood Sign Tutorial

Hello! I am very excited to share my first Cricut Explore Air 2 die-cutting project. If you have not heard about this machine yet, let me tell you it’s almost magical! Find details on their official Website. In this project I have upcycled an old Roti rolling wooden board to a home decoration wood sign. […]

Hot Glue Waterfall

Hello! Today I am featuring a very creative craft project by Artist ‘Sneha Chaurasia’. This beautiful decorative waterfall model is made using Hot Glue. I thought this idea is really smart and I should feature this 🙂 Surprisingly the process to make this is really easy. She has shared step by step instructions to make […]

Floral Clay Art

Hello! Polymer clay Art has always been fascinating to me. I love the fact that there are countless number of things you can make out of clay. Jewelry, miniatures, toys, home decors… there is no limit! Today I am featuring Art work of an Italian Clay artist ‘Warda Uzair‘ who has really inspired me to […]

Bunny Purse

Hello! I made this cute bunny purse for my little one and she absolutely loved it 🙂 It is made using felt fabric. After making my Felt flowers for Yarn Monogram craft, I had some left over felt fabric in light and bright pink colors. I have seen countless number of adorable felt animal projects on Pinterest, […]

Learning Clock For Kids

Here is an educational craft project for kids – Learning Clock. This can be easily made at home and help your kids understand how the minute hand and Hour hand of clock work. This can make a great school project! This clock consists of two paper dials. Top dial represents the numbers from 1 to 12 […]

Meditative doodling: 4

Hello! I am back with another doodle 🙂 In a beautiful crescent shape this time. This doodle design is inspired by this great artist:   Here is a quick video of doodle in progress: Thank you for visiting! Hope you enjoyed! Pin it:  

Painted Feather

Feather painting.. This was such a relaxing and fun project. My favorite part about this project is colors! I just love bright colors and patterns. This is extremely easy project, anybody can do it and the end result is too pretty for the amount of efforts and time invested.       You can use […]

Paper Embroidery

Hello again! I really loved the beautiful piece of art I made this time! Few days back I saw a post on Pinterest with title How to embroidery on paper and I thought this idea was really cool. I find it interesting when an old form of art is presented in a modern way. Here is another […]

Meditative Doodling: 3

This is my 3rd doodle in the series. I got amazing response to my previous doodles. But the best compliment I received was a message from a mother. She shared with me a picture of her little girl’s notebooks which she decorated with the designs from my doodles. and she loved how it turned out! […]

Fall Leaf Shaped Bowl

Fall decorates the nature with the most gorgeous colors. Red, yellow, purple.. orange, pink, magenta.. the beautiful fall leaves always inspire me. This time I am making a fall leaf shaped bowl. Great thing about this craft is, you do not need the clay to make it, just grab a couple of things from your […]

Umbrella Filled With Flowers

Art teaches us to look at the world around us in a whole different way! I found this simple yet pretty decor on Pinterest and absolutely loved it! An umbrella filled with flowers! How cute is that! 🙂 This would make a perfect spring wreath. All you need is pretty artificial flowers, an umbrella and […]