Today’s project is a creative fun hair accessory for your little girl. Make a fashion statement for her that is just too cute! This gorgeous little hair-clip is made using just a cap of an empty water bottle! Interesting, right?

Here is a list of required material:

  • A cap of an empty water bottle
  • Spray paint
  • Cardboard
  • Glue
  • Rose flower embellishment
  • Pink tulle fabric
  • Pink satin ribbon


  • Take a cap of small empty bottle. Cut a circle shape on cardboard paper. Diameter of the circle should be slightly larger than the diameter of the bottle cap. Glue the bottle cap at the center of the cardboard circle to make it look like a hat.


  •  Spray the paint on bottle cap – cardboard structure to make it look like a single entity. I have used a brown spray paint. Let it dry completely.


  • Wrap a satin pink ribbon around the cap and glue both the ends to the cap on back side.


  • Cut a small piece of pink tulle fabric. Attach it in the front of hat using an adhesive tape. Also glue pink rose flower embellishment to make it look even prettier.


  • IMG_8117Take an ordinary hair-clip and attach our decorative hat on the top using an adhesive tape.


Thank you for visiting! 🙂