Recently I came across a beautiful paper yarn craft project. I wanted to make a similar craft but make it a no-cost project. So, I decided to use the bath tissue paper instead. It was an experiment!
I figured out a way to make paper yarn out of bath tissue at home. And used braiding technique to make a hand bag like structure using paper yarn.
I think paper yarn braiding is an awesome technique which can be used in variety of other craft projects.


You will need:

  • Bath tissue roll
  • Hand mixer
  • Needle
  • White thread, scissors
  • Ribbons for decoration

Here is a video complete process:


Step by step instructions:

  • Take a bath tissue roll
  • Cut a 3 Ft long piece of paper

  • Fold the paper and cut into 3 equal sized strips (around 1 inch in width). Each strip of paper will make one yarn thread


  • Open first folded strip of paper

  • I used a hand mixer to twist the paper to form a paper yarn thread
  • Tie one end of paper to the top of hand mixer.
  • Place some weight on other end of the strip
  • Slowly start rotating the hand mixer. Strip of paper will start twisting, slowly forming a thread.
  • Stop twisting when it starts to curl around itself

  • Remove the weight from other end an tie a knot. Also open the knot at hand mixer end. First paper yarn thread is ready. Make 50 to 60 such threads. Or you can make one long thread and cut it into pieces of desired size.
  • To make a braid, take a group of 6 paper yarn threads. Tie them together at one end. Make three groups of 2 threads each and start interlacing them to form a braid.



  • Make 10 such braids.

  • Next, take a needle and thin white thread. Stitch the adjacent strands of braids together.
  • Similarly, stitch all the braids together to form a sheet
  • In similar fashion, make 2 small sheets of 3 braids each to form two side panels. Length of side panels is approximately half of the original braid length.
  • Fold the main sheet of braids and mark the length on side panels. Attach side panels to the main sheet of braids at the marks as shown in the picture


  • Stitch the sides of panels and main sheet together. A hand bag is ready.


  • Trim the fringes at the top and decorate with your favorite ribbons!


Hope you enjoyed!

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